Cast Mania series

Cast Mania Mono

Cast Mania Mono

Cast Mania Mono is a new concept fishing line which enhances the ability of long casting in addition to Momoi’s feature of monofilament; high strength & high durability.
It has high abrasion resistance and endures friction on sandy bottoms and other obstacles caused by further casting. Anglers can grasp underwater situations and get small bites very clearly due to the low elongation design.
Special Soft Smooth processing makes it difficult for the line to get memory and suppresses the flapping on the rod guides. As a result, lures and baits can be cast further.
It is available in two dull fluorescent colors, “Flash Orange” and “Wasabi Green”. The line colors are highly visible both in the daytime and at night.
The length per spool is a long 1200m, and marking stickers are attached at every 300m.
Momoi Cast Mania Mono can be used in accordance with the line capacity of your reel.

NYLON (High Strength MIJ Nylon)
Processing:Special Soft Smooth Processing
Color(Dull Fluorescen): Flash Orange, Wasabi Green
Make-up : 1200m with marking stickers at every 300m


  • High Strength MIJ Nylon
  • Super Long Cast Design
  • Special Soft Smooth Processing
  • High Visible Color (FLASH ORANGE & WASABI GREEN)
  • Marking stickers at every 300m
  • Recycled Plastic Spool


Carp Fishing, Fresh Water Spinning, Inshore Fishing, Surf Casting, Rock Fishing


Japanese No. #2.5 #3 #3.5 #4 #4.5 #6
Standard Diameter 0.261 mm 0.286 mm 0.309 mm 0.330 mm 0.350 mm 0.405 mm
KG(test class) 5.37kg 6.31kg 7.2kg 8.23kg 9.1kg 12kg
Mtr/spool 1200mtr 1200mtr 1200mtr 1200mtr 1200mtr 1200mtr