New Super Thin PE Line “OSHIKAGE” got Best New Braided Line Award (Runner-up) at EFTTEX 2014


We have launched new super thin PE line “OSHIKAGE” at EFTTEX held on Jun 12-14 in Brussels. This new line has been made for light game fishing and has been introduced following inquiries from anglers across the world. It adds that the super fine ultra-strong PE line has been developed by drawing on our technological expertise. The range of sizes is from 0.053mm (Japanese #0.1) to 0.105mm (Japanese #0.4). Having nearly zero stretch, the line also allows you to detect the slightest of bites. Its high flexibility and high abrasion resistance has been made possible by Momoi’s SW Processing (Special Double Processing) and means that there is also less friction between the line and the guides. Casting distance is extended because of the thinness of the line even when using a light rig. 

This New “OSHIKAGE” got Best New Braided Line Award (Runner-up) at EFTTEX 2014.