Lure Soul series

LureSoul Cast PE

Cast PE

We have released a new PE braided line “LureSoul Cast PE”. It has both enough flexibility and enough suppleness.
New unprecedented braiding technology decreases the troubles like flatted line, sodden line, and broken line while fishing.
You can cast without any trouble not only by spinning reel but also by bait casting reel which tends to make line trouble.
This PE braided line is specialized for casting game. The new developed “Triple Silicone Coating” realizes “Further”, “Stronger”, and “Smoother” casting due to decreased friction on the guides.

Material: SUPER PE
Processing: Special Triple Processing
Color: Orange (Marking every 25mtr)
Make-up: 150mtr, 200mtr, 300mtr spool


  • Ultra Strong 8 braided HPPE Line
  • Ultimate Balanced Special Braiding Technology
  • Triple Silicone Coating
  • New Casting Experience…


・Boat Casting Game ・Shore Casting Game ・Shore Jigging


Japanese No. #0.4 #0.6 #0.8 #1 #1.2 #1.5
Standard Diameter 0.10 mm 0.12 mm 0.14 mm 0.16 mm 0.18 mm 0.20 mm
KG(MAX) 4.1kg 6.8kg 8.1kg 9.0kg 11.3kg 13.5kg
LB(CLASS) 9lb 15lb 18lb 20lb 25lb 30lb
Japanese No. #2 #2.5 #3 #3.5 #4 #5
Standard Diameter 0.23 mm 0.26 mm 0.28 mm 0.30 mm 0.33 mm 0.37 mm
KG(MAX) 18.0kg 22.5kg 24.8kg 27.0kg 31.5kg 36.0kg
LB(CLASS) 40lb 50lb 55lb 60lb 70lb 80lb
Japanese No. #6 #8
Standard Diameter 0.40 mm 0.47 mm
KG(MAX) 42.8kg 49.5kg
LB(CLASS) 95lb 110lb


A new product from the LureSoul brand dedicated to lure fishing. The extra-strong, extra-abrasion-resistant MIJ nylon enables anglers to cast into complex structures and tackling big prey. With the “Total Balance Mode” thanks to our original stretch control and special processing methods, the line quality is consistent throughout the sizes. It has an exquisite balance of distinguished sensitivity comparable to fluorocarbon and the softness unique to nylon to ensure outstanding handleability.

Material: Ultra Strong MIJ Nylon
Processing: MJ Processing
Color: Clear
Make-up: 150mtr (with marking at 75mtr)


  • Ultra Strong MIJ Nylon
  • Total Balance Mode
  • Marking at 75mtr
  • Non Pressure Spooling
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • High Sensitivity
  • UV Block


・ Bass Fishing・ Sea Bass Fishing・ Lure Fishing


Japanese No. #1 #1.5 #2 #3 #3.5 #4
Standard Diameter 0.165 mm 0.203 mm 0.234 mm 0.286 mm 0.309 mm 0.330 mm
LB(test class) 4lb 6lb 8lb 12lb 14lb 16lb
Japanese No. #5
Standard Diameter 0.369 mm
LB(test class) 20lb